Are you looking for a swap that will be interactive and fun and foster friendships. Our group is now opening up to include you if you are looking for a fun and enjoyable year to swap secretly with an assigned secret sister.
     We are secret for one year to your assigned Secret Sister and you must remain a secret and keep her guessing all year as to who you really are. To keep the suspense and of course, the secret, you must not reveal who you are until November. In return you will receive the same from your assigned Secret Sister.
     This is a year-long mini swap* that is meant to foster friendship and give you a chance to share your ideas and creativity with someone new. You will have the opportunity to celebrate your Secret Sister's milestones and get to know her throughout the year 2022.
Here are the guidelines:

  1. You must send 2 cards each month by the 15th. These cards must be handmade and created by you.      No recycled cards please!  Must use all current SU products.
  2. When you receive your package from your SS you must post in the Sacs2022 thread and  show the photo of what you received, no links. This is the same thread that you are replying to for joining.
  3. . If the above 2 steps don’t happen because you are unable to send or post I need an email ASAP from you with a good explanation why you could not/did not do as what your commitment states for the year.  You must contact me so I can do the follow up with checks to help keep the group on target.  This is a very important step that CANNOT be left out. 
  4. Please make sure to add your photo of the cards you receive in the thread with your posting so your SS will know that you have received and for all of us to see the creativity


      If this sounds exciting to you and would like to join please email me at
Or if you have more questions please contact me.
Remember this is a year-long mini swap.
I am opening this group  to the Canadians and USA. Each country will have assigned sisters from their origin.

When you email me I will acknowledge that I received your email and you must respond back.  I will also be sending more info as soon as I close this group.  The closing date for signing up will be November 30th or sooner when I reach a total of 30  I will then be in contact with each of you who signed up and are willing to follow the guidelines for one year.

  I must add that both groups are awesome and the Canadians are looking for more to join.  There is some great work coming from both of these groups that you won't want to miss out on.

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  • There appears to be a gap from August 11th to today...

  • It looks like we don't have the opportunity to add more to our postings.  We use to have 15minutes to add or change something.  Ok....not liking this already.    All of our pictures that we posted on our own personal page has changed.  I am getting more disillusioned with this site.  Ok.   I'll talk more on Monday.

    • I also do no see anywhere in Stampers Showcase to upload anything.  This is a problem for those who like to upload their work.


  • Well, now we all know this has changed!!!  I don't have time to learn it until next week.  I am busy all weekend.  I will try and get back here on Monday and learn it and if there are questions maybe I can guide you.  Not sure about change.  I think they put us with a facebook group. You all know my feelings about FB.....

    Have a great weekend and I'll be back on Monday.

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  • Dear SS, I think the site has been down a couple of days and they must have done a revamp as things are different. I am fairly tech savvy but then couldn't figure out how to reply then DA, realized, I had to sign in!! Anyway, finally able to post these amazing cards from my SS. I HAD to have that bottle set when it first came out, haven't cracked open the case  yet! Now i will try. Thanks again for all of these. 



  • Dear SS,
    Your Happy Mail with a Fall Theme arrived on the first day of Fall Y'all!
    Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and the cards are beautiful. 
    Thank you! The pictures say it all...There is no way I could pick a favorite, I LOVE them ALL!10824960475?profile=RESIZE_930x





    • Your cards that you received are so very nice I see an order must he placed for myself to get these sets.

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