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I've been searching a while now and can't find what I'm looking for, so I'm throwing it out there. I have used in the past (over a year or more) a worksheet someone created when you're making a card for class that you can list everything in that card. It's like a recipe so to speak. It also might have been a worksheet created to figure out costs per card?

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I',m working on making class by mail for my customers, using products, dies, ribbons, punches, dsp and all they have to do is add sentiments.

It's worth a try. Most of my ladies have been with me for most of my 15 years with Stampin' Up, have bunches of stamps and it's hard to sell them bundles. I'm trying this instead of my in home classes.

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  • Just uploaded this to another post asking for similar. Since it took me half an hour looking through files, I will upload it here too! Hopefully this is what you meant! 


    • Aileen, that’s it!  Thank you, you’re awesome.

      • Woot! So glad that was the right one! I have at least 2 more similar if you get bored with this one =)

        • I'd be interested in seeing them, if you don't mind. You never know, maybe I'll like one better. Thank you!

  • Thanks, but I have that and am using it. This was just a template a demo created to share that listed each item used. Pg number etc

  • Hi Theresa,

    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but on the demo site, under business resources there is a "cost calculator." It's an excel sheet that can help you calculate the cost per card or project based on the costs of the supplies. Stampin Up updates it periodically, especially when new catalogs come out. I haven't used it myself, but I hope it helps you!


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