• Hi Mary,

    I have an unopened pack of BB. You may have all you need already, but I can sell you mine for demo cost+shipping also. Kim

  • I also have most of a package. I can let you know how many sheets if you get in touch with me. I will send it First Class  to save your customer the difference between that and Priority mail prices. Let me know if you are still looking at 

  • Mary Lynn, I have one unopened pack of Blueberry Bushel Cardstock.  I’m happy to sell to you at demo price plus shipping. 

    • I'll take it! Thank you so much. I will email you :)

  • I have 1 pkg of Blueberry Bushel that is open with only a few sheets missing. 85%full that your customer can have for the cost of mailing.  

    I can send in a priority flat rate envelope.



    • Not normally but since it's such a small amount I will be happy to. My address is 1147 Kelez Drive San Jose, CA 95120. For flat rate its $7.75. Once I receive her check I will mail it out. Thanks!
    • I'll take it! Thank you so much! Do you take checks?

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