I have tried the floating card technique, with Press and Peel several times.  Each time, when I get to the final step where the images are attached to the card base with the dimensionals, and it's time to pull off the Press and Peel...  as I pull off the Press and Peel, the top layer of the image lifts or tears off.  I've ruined 3 cards, with the Tropical Chic flowers literally pulling apart so that the card stock comes apart like the faux leather approach.  It's so frustrating I doubt that I will try another one, given the time and use of MANY dimensionals.   Has anyone else had this problem?  It looks like there are two sides to the Press and Peel, but I wouldn't think that the one without the stick is the side that I should use?

Any suggestions would be appreciated?

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  • You need to get some of the "stick" off the Press n Seal before you lay it over your die cut images.  I too had this problem. Press it on your pant legs to get some of the stick off then when you lay it on your die cut images - only press firmly where it hits the white card stock base you use before you peel up - only lightly press on the die cut images, just enough that they stick to the Press n Seal.  

    Hope this helps.

    • Great tip, Kim.   Thanks!

      • You are so welcome, glad to help! 

    • Thank you Kim.  This helps bunches.  I appreciate your time and explanation!!

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